The Critique

Vaninetti:"About Myself and My Painting"
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Vaninetti and his fellow-villagers
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Giancarlo Grillo, 1970
Ferruccio Scala, 1960
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Wolfgang Hildesheimer, 1966

Vaninetti is not only a figurative painter. There is an almost metaphysical link between him and his object, an object of his world and experience. In this he is a "regional" painter, in that he paints the houses of the Valtellina and its side valleys, their facades and dreary interiors, stairs and home implements old lamps, lanterns, candlesticks, and an odd glimpse into the woodland. Yet, what distinguishes him from "regional painters", in the sense this phrase has been popularised, is his mastery of technique, the spontaneity of his applying colours, which are always made a vital part of the object without constraining it within definite lines. (Vaninetti never prepares his paintings in advance: freshness, therefore, instead of routine). His passion originates from the object, so that seeing, feeling and painting melt into one act. Vaninetti refrains from seeking sensation: each painting is largely supported on a limited range of colours, from which, however, a surprising wealth of tonal values originates. Here, restraint becomes strength, and this is what underlies the resulting sense of calmness, the silence of the still instant, the balance.
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