Letters and Dedications


Letter from Mario Negri 1968
Letter from Luigi Santucci , 1974
Letter from Siro Lombardini, 1983


Dedication of Mascioni, 1973
Dedication of Minguzzi
Dedication of Santucci
Dedication of Varlin
Dedication of Negri
Dedication of Kodra
Dedication of Morlotti
Angelo Vaninetti had plenty of correspondence with writers, artists and men of culture, with whom he was linked by friendship and esteem: Alberto Giacometti, Varlin, Mario Negri, Walther Bimbaum, Luigi Santucci , Grytzko Mascioni, Wolfgang Hildesheimer, and many others. They shared the same concerns the rejection of passing trends and false values, the quest for a form of art nourished with spirituality, respect for the trade of the artist as an artisan, and a wish to produce works of art able to defy time

"Alberto Giacometti, one of the world's most celebrated, forceful, sculptors and painters, came to Regoledo di Cosio in the unfamiliar Valtellina in 1961, to meet personally a young painter one of whose paintings he had just seen. In almost no time, a silent, mutual understanding developed between the two representatives of the same art. Giacometti's quick eyes scanned Angelo Vaninetti's canvases with a discoverer's anticipation. He attentively poured over the big still life compositions, the bleak, dull baitas of the Valtellina, the wild flowers. He inspected the thirty odd paintings with the insight and acuity of a refined, smart mind ever alert to things of beauty, and, after long, reached a conclusion that had the tone of a confident, convinced statement: "These things are characters and people of old who are still living". That visit was followed by others over the years." (Excerpt from a published article).
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