The Museum

The Museum, which is owned by the family, mainly originated from the awareness and the need that such a wealth of works of art, so rich in poesy and cultural heritage at a time of confusion and disparagement of the arts must be preserved, protected and revisited. An artist and a prophet, Angelo Vaninetti carried on his research in isolation and firm coherence, removed from established trends, only true to his inspiration, with his paintings, since the 1950s, in a perfectly modern fashion, recounting and representing, among other things, a peculiar cultural tradition the tradition of the peasants of the Valtellina, which was fading away and still striving to survive. The works on exhibition have been carefully selected to span the full range of Vaninetti's artistic production. Loyal to his world, he developed a poetry against the stream, a modern, lyric poetry that amounts, in its many facets, to a song of praise to his Valtellina. In this museum, in front of his paintings, one can feel that he is still alive. For these paintings represent the best of Vaninetti, his talent, modernity, nonconformity, and his refined simplicity and subdued poeticising. Thus, he is still confronting us with vital questions. The modesty of his portrayals appears almost disquieting in a world that can only bellow and is unable to listen to or appreciate harmony.

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