The Critique

Vaninetti:"About Myself and My Painting"
Raffaele De Grada, 1966,1987, 1989
Wolfgang Hildesheimer, 1966
Nazareno Fabretti, 1961, 1972
Luigi Santucci, 1972
Sigrid Genzken, 1972
Walter Birnbaum,1975
Enzo Fabiani, 1985, 1987
Gritzko Mascioni, 1985,1987

Vaninetti and his fellow-villagers
Giulio Spini, 1960, 1997
Camillo De Piaz, 1960
Piergiuseppe Magoni, 1972
Giancarlo Grillo, 1970
Ferruccio Scala, 1960
Mario Garbellini, 1970
Franco Monteforte, 1976
Luigi Festorazzi, 1985
Guido Scaramellini, 1986, 2005
Carlo Mola, 1988
Eugenio Salvino, 1988
Arnaldo Bortolotti, 1993
Angelo Vaninetti: "About Myself and My Painting"

"I feel I am the painter of humble things. The cost of this loyalty of mine has been quite high but certainly worthwhile. I regard myself as a modern painter, who represents the crisis of identity which afflicts man today, and I champion the value of the truth. I am a dropout by choice and I take pride in that because it has allowed me to develop and defend in absolute freedom my art, which can only be understood by those who have a free, mature and critical consciousness."
"I believe my painting to be restrained, silent, poetic and harmonious. This is why it is so hard to understand it, or to listen to it, in a chaotic world such as this, in which there is no longer a sense of measure. There are now very few people who can identify themselves with such values as humility and simplicity.
I feel free, only bound to my ideas, my sensitivity and a discipline of study and work. My painting is my way of life. I feel that I am a true and sincere Lombard artist. But this is just a starting point for me. My personality is strong and uncompromising.. I don't leave any room for futility in my art - or in my life. This basic morality underlies all of my works.
Mine is a call to innocence and this is why each painting of mine is a poem. I don't do realism or naturalism at all. I create poetry.
My art has made me happy, I have loved it with true passion, well aware of my worth because my research has been deeply true, genuine, constant and faithful.
I express a hope through my paintings and in my quest for harmony. Mine is an absolutely original, unique quest, because I paint my canvases to sing a song to my land, which comes back to life in memories lingering between reality and transfiguration.
In my works there is a song of praise to the recovery of values of the past - against the devastation and disenchantment of the modern age. I have painted a lost past, which is still present in my canvases and is bound to stay there for ever.
Of each image of memory I have made a unique place where only humility, poetry and magic matter. Mine is a painting against the mainstream because it paints silence. My dialogue with things has become ever more profound, free and serene. I believe my painting is a challenge, though very few seem to understand that."
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