Letters and Dedications


Letter from Mario Negri 1968
Letter from Luigi Santucci , 1974
Letter from Siro Lombardini, 1983


Dedication of Mascioni, 1973
Dedication of Minguzzi
Dedication of Santucci
Dedication of Varlin
Dedication of Negri
Dedication of Kodra
Dedication of Morlotti
Letter from Siro Lombardini, 1983

I still have before my eyes your fine paintings I could admire when we last met. I feel so close to your way of looking at the world and the things of nature. Yours is a protesting pessimism. A forceful faith in life that the world threatens and our Self is incapable to hold. And so, doors and windows are recurring views in your paintings. The same window that protects our privacy allows us to behold the outside world. And the world your painting unveils is not the world of the new technique, of the great works past and present, it is not the world we are unable to encompass, to dominate, the world that oppresses us. Your world, my world, is the world of tiny things. It is the harmony built by poor people. The other world offers us a trip to the moon and the destruction of our globe. The Golden Age and the Apocalypse. That's why I am fond of your painting. I want to live in my world and in your own.
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