Letters and Dedications


Letter from Mario Negri 1968
Letter from Luigi Santucci , 1974
Letter from Siro Lombardini, 1983


Dedication of Mascioni, 1973
Dedication of Minguzzi
Dedication of Santucci
Dedication of Varlin
Dedication of Negri
Dedication of Kodra
Dedication of Morlotti
Letter from Luigi Santucci , 1974

Dearest Angelo,
I believe that your Armida's last year was, without paradox, one of her life's best years. You always stayed beside her in those harsh last months far more than just a spouse, almost a child and a learner of her wisdom. Your renewed personality was her patient victory, her reward. She built and contemplated you as a work of art, in the same way as you take a few steps backward happy to watch the most perfect painting emerge from your brush. A woman the like of a fairy. And we wish to thank you too, because the day you chose her you didn't do so for yourself alone, but unawares for all of us, your friends.
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