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Letter from Mario Negri 1968
Letter from Luigi Santucci , 1974
Letter from Siro Lombardini, 1983


Dedication of Mascioni, 1973
Dedication of Minguzzi
Dedication of Santucci
Dedication of Varlin
Dedication of Negri
Dedication of Kodra
Dedication of Morlotti
Letter from Mario Negri 1968

Dear Vaninetti,
be serene, as the conscience of one who has wholeheartedly discharged his work should be. You painted what you saw and felt with sincerity, skill and poesy what more can you ask of yourself? I envy the world you belong to as a man and an artist. I wish I could enjoy it for some time in a year, and work as you do in front of things true and eternal.
The sense of this serenity can be identified with the Valtellina, of which you are the only genuine interpreter these days.
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